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Step-Activated Dog Fountain



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The Step-Activated Dog Fountain now has your dog covered! With this high-quality dog-activated water fountain, your best companion will always have access to fresh, clean water, day or night.

Installing the dog water fountain outside takes only a few minutes. No batteries, no plugs, no water containers to clean, refill, or fill!

Pets will not only enjoy a sufficient supply of cool, refreshing water, but will also have a lot of fun playing with their action-packed dog water hose toy!

You can surely teach an old dog new tricks. A clean, narrow jet of water is activated when your pet steps up on the distinctive paw pattern on the pedal's white background. The copper valve prevents excessive leaking and splats. Superior materials and construction result in a long-lasting, sturdy and stable outdoor dog water fountain. The 40.5” hose connects to your garden faucet or hose; use our FREE BONUS 2-way Y Hose Garden Hose Connector for maximum versatility.


  • Easy Activation And Training - The dog fountain easily dispenses water with a push of the dogs paw with less effort
  • Clean Water - Attach the dog water sprinkler toy to garden hose to use instead of a dog bowl
  • Secure And No Electricity Needed - This product is safe without electricity. We designed this water fountain for dogs with heavy gauge steel to guarantee its strength and durability. It also has a leak-proof copper valve and rubber friction pads to minimize movement when in use.
  • Easy Set Up - Setting up this doggie water fountain outside requires absolutely no specialized skill. Every purchase comes with bonus adaptors, connectors, and a 2-way Y hose connector that let you easily connect this pet water fountain to your water connection! Adjusting water pressure is done easily using the control valve on the yellow splitter.
  • Enjoy With Your Dog - Enjoy life with your dog, especially those who like to play with water, not only for daily drinking, but also for a different kind of fun

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Step-Activated Dog Fountain
  • 1 x 40 Inch Hose
  • 1 x Manual

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Eugene Green

I wish I'd thought of this dog fountain first. The hose is 36 inches long and has metal fittings on both ends. Y splitter (to run a standard hose off the same faucet) and another fitting (perhaps a quick-connect) (both are made of hard plastic). It took me approximately four minutes to set up. Now if I could only get my Husky to utilize it like the ones on Instagram. It terrifies him. Maybe he only enjoys water he can't get into (muddy, toilet, bottled).


Leila Carlos

Bought as a toy, Kenji loves to bite anything that moves- this gives him a non destructive fun Summer activity. I compared several different brands, and found this to be the best buy for durability. Easy to assemble, there are several extra parts for various different hookup applications. Took about five minutes to train hm how to use it. Sturdy metal construction, worked first time every time, and Kenji is hard on his toys. Kenji gives it two paws up!


Charles Reyes

I love this fountain. I like that I can control the flow of water. But I need to be there with the dog to show her how to press. Then she binges. So I can stop showing her every hour or so. Like the large surface area for pressing. Even though it's in the shade, a white hose would be less likely to get too hot. The length is ideal for a side-house faucet. We've only owned it a short time.


Hipolito Huffman

This is the finest gift I've purchased my boys in years! After about 10 minutes, one got it. The other enjoys drinking and making his bro work! It's not too harsh or too soft. Very nicely crafted and lasting. This will be needed this summer!



Tommy Sims

This one has metal pieces and a dial to adjust the water pressure for your pet. My puppy is terrified of higher streams and doesn't want to get wet, so I set mine on low simply for sipping. On scorching Texas afternoons, this gives cold fresh water on demand. Great!