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Precise Contour Gauge with Lock



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Product description


An easier and more efficient method for rapidly duplicating any form. Creates a precise template for curved and irregular-shaped items in an instant.

No more speculating!

There are no complicated operations!!

Begin precise shape duplication with Precise Contour Gauge!

Suitable for woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel, and any contour duplicating need.

Ideal for tile installation, laminate and carpet cutting, ceramic and tool mold making, and so on.


  • Precise Shape Duplication - An easier approach to reproduce different forms, perfect for tile fitting, laminate and carpet cutting, ceramic and tool mold taking, and so on.
  • Adjustable and Locking Feature - The tightness can be changed to suit your needs. It is particularly well suited for creating the outline of irregular and complex objects. To assure exact accuracy, it can be locked and fixed after each adjustment.
  • Easy to Use - Simple action, such as pushes and draws, and one-handed adjustment. Fix the pencil in the middle, push while drawing, and you'll be able to draw lines without error.
  • Both Ends Can Be Used - Both ends can be used because they are designed with a pulley end and a pointer end. Smoother sketching with the pulley end, while precise and simple drawing with the pointer end. The pencil clip may be pushed up and down, making it easy to swap out the shape end.
  • Quality and Durable - It is sturdy and long-lasting because it is made of high-quality metal. It's simple to transport and store; simply place it in your toolbox and take it with you everywhere you go.


  • Material: Metal + ABS
  • Net Weight: 182g
  • Product Size: 233 x 35 x 27mm / 9.2” x 1.4” x 1.1”

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Precise Contour Gauge with Lock

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Write a review


Mike Ring

I bought this tool to measure my bathroom doorframe and it works well! Keep in mind I'm not a contractor or carpenter. The shape can also be locked in place and utilized on round/curved surfaces! Recommend to anyone building or conducting DIY projects.


Brian Tores

The gauge is locked so you know the exact measurements. It also came with a ruler, which made measuring a breeze. This worked nicely for laying my flooring sheets.


Malcom Murray

It was very simple to use. I was surprised by the quality of the material for the price. A fantastic feature allows you to lock shapes in place on curved surfaces! I used this program for a school project and it worked great! This device is perfect for a project or home builder seeking for a great contour gauge.


Ryan Sprankle

This contour gauge is a great gift idea for a woodworker or carpenter! My dad loved it as a Father's Day gift. I never expected my dad to fawn over a tool! He's informed me how exact and handy the instrument is. Worth the money!!


Ronald Brake

I'm really glad I bought it because it helped me with various home improvements. The product arrived in good packaging, appears to be well-made, and is easy to use. A nice, cheap contour gauge for around the house.